The speaker meeting of the JCF (young chemistry network) took place in Aachen in September 2018, at which the representatives of the regional forums and the federal executive discussed the past and future tasks of the JCF. A JCF committee has been established to continuously gather and discuss new ideas and opinions of all junior chemists, and to actively engage them in the JDC's work by the JCF representatives.

The committee initially has the clear target of supporting two JCF candidates in the GDCh board election in May. These two candidates were selected in Aachen by the assembled regional spokespersons and collected the necessary signatures for the nomination. The candidates are Frank Dissinger for the academia list and Katharina Uebele for the industry list. The next step is to clearly point out the forthcoming GDCh election and the advantages of JCF candidates on the board, also to increase the previously low turnout. This will be done through presentations at JCF meetings such as the speaker meeting. But there will be also information packs with posters and flyers for all regional forums planned to reach passive members.

In order to realize this, the committee consists of a solid core of 15 young chemists from all corners of Germany. The first meeting already took place in Aachen, the communication within the group has since been held through regular Skype meetings.

So far, the focus has been on the preparation of the candidate profiles and the development of the main areas of work. It was precisely this list of key areas of work that was designed very conscientiously in order to represent the change requests of many young chemists. In this way, members should be better networked, more strongly bound to the GDCh and also the work of the JCFs with the “Fachgruppen“ and district chairmen should be improved and expanded. An important point is also an increased appearance in the public and an opinion on current controversial and widely discussed topics related to science.

The committee should continue to exist after the successful election of our candidates and ensure close contact between junior chemists and the GDCh board. If you feel that other topics are important or have questions in addition to our suggestions, then contact us! All members of the committee can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Current members of the committee are:

  • Chris Heintz – JCF Würzburg
  • Christoph Wulf – JCF Rostock
  • Dennis Oprych – JCF Krefeld
  • Frank Dissinger – GDCh-Vorstand 2020-2023, JCF Mainz-Wiesbaden
  • Katharina Uebele – GDCh-Vorstand 2020-2023, JCF Düsseldorf
  • Maximilian Pohle – JCF Jena
  • Maximilian Springer – JCF Leipzig
  • Melanie Walther – Bundesvorstand, JCF Bremen
  • Michael Linden – aktueller JCF-Vertreter im GDCh-Vorstand, JCF Gießen
  • Patrick Zanon - JCF München
  • Phillip Gliese – JCF Bremen
  • Sebastian Tauer – JCF Mainz-Wiesbaden
  • Tim Kröber – Bundesvorstand, JCF Berlin
  • Tobias Bachmann – JCF Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • Veit Haensch – JCF Jena