The election for the GDCh board (period: 01/01/20 – 31/12/23) is possible from 7th of May till 23th of June.

All GDCh members (therefore, all JungChemiker) are entitled to vote. Each has 14 votes:
- 7 votes for candidates from universities, research institutes agencies (“Academia”)
- 7 votes for candidates from economy and self-reliant professionals (“Industry”)
Each voter has one vote per candidate but need not spend all votes. If you want to increase the chances of a specific candidate, it is recommended not to use all votes.

The election could be done via post or online. You can reach the online election via a personal link, which you will receive in an e-mail. In addition, you will need your GDCh membership number.

If you prefer the postal way, you must order the election documents via a click on the “Briefwahl beantragen” button in the online voting system. It is only possible to vote in the postal way, using this ballot.

The winners of the election seven candidates per list with the highest number of votes. If two or more people have the same number of votes, a lottery ticket will decide. Information about the candidates are accessible in the online system, in the “Nachrichten aus der Chemie” Nr. 4/2019 and on the GDCh homepage ( On this site you can also find further informations about the electoral system.

Therefore, use your right to vote! A high turnout is the best way to legitimise the GDCh board!

You can find further information in the electoral regulations.

Please fill free to ask us, if you have further questions.